Business cards are one of the most important corporate printing products. It is the easiest way to introduce yourself to your customers or business contacts and share your contact information. At the same time, business card designs will reflect the corporate identity of your company, thus contributing to the first impression of the person in front of you about your company.

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  • Duplex Printing
  • 350gr. matte coated
  • Design included
  • 1000 pcs

First of all, you can order a minimum of 1000 pieces. The business card design you want to make belongs to us. It is completely free. The important thing you should pay attention to is that your orders are delivered between 14-20 days. The prices written above are variable according to the characteristics of the business card.

  • Cut: Oval Cut, Straight cut
  • Print Quantity; 1000x, 2000x, 5000x, 10000x

According to all these details, the price of the package you choose varies. It may be cheaper or more expensive than the prices above.

You can take advantage of our service to have business cards with the criteria you desire. As Bnr Design, we are just a click away with our affordable prices and quality prints.

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