Distributing flyers is one of the ways in which individuals or institutions deliver various product, service and activity promotions directly to potential customers. In the business world where competition is high and various methods must be applied to attract the attention of the customer mass, economical and effective advertising products always maintain their attractiveness. Flyers, one of these products, serve a wide range of purposes and usage areas.

We can list some of them as follows:

  • Giving information about the promotions, campaigns, new seasons and discounts of the companies,
  • Introducing existing products,
  • Promotional studies in fairs, seminars and event areas,
  • To promote a newly opened store,
  • To inform about the services provided,
  • Specifying the place and time of events and activities,
  • Transmitting the messages of social responsibility projects.

You can review our flyer samples from the templates below. For more flyer templates, you can visit our instagram page. You can also find information about flyer printing details and flyer prices at the bottom of the page.

By offering a wide range of paper weights and sizes; We aim to give you the most suitable order for your wishes, needs and budget. Flyer prices vary according to the selected paper, number and size features. We can list these features as follows:

  • Coated papers in different weights are used in the flyer. Thus, you will have the opportunity to choose the paper type that is compatible with your needs and budget. Coated paper has a glossy and smooth surface.
  • 200 gr. Coated papers have cellophane feature. It is applied to the outer surface of the cellophane paper, making the product appear thicker and brighter. The cellophane also ensures a longer life of the product as it does not tear easily.
  • Flyers have single and double sided printing options. If the flyer you have designed has relevant images, sketch and map information or text that will take up more than a single page, you can place a double-sided advertisement. Two-way advertisement will increase the effect of your advertisement.
  • Flyers can be printed in 10×20 cm, A5, A4, A3 sizes depending on the need. A5 flyer price is the most preferred size because it is economical. It is easy to read, its content does not bore your customers and it is direct message oriented. If you are targeting your customers on the street or in public places, the A5 size will be more suitable for you. A4 flyer prices increase compared to other sizes as the sizes get larger.