Business cards are one of the most important corporate printing products. It is the easiest way to introduce yourself to your customers or business contacts and share your contact information. At the same time, business card designs will reflect the corporate identity of your company, thus contributing to the person’s first impression of your company.

In addition to carrying contact and name information, business cards represent companies and individuals. It is the mirror of both your company and your personal brand, and therefore it should reflect your company with its designs and printing quality. Depending on the professional identity of the business card holder and what kind of information he wants to include, what is written on it may also change.

Embossed Business Card: Our business cards have embossed lacquer on the text or logo you want. Its size is the same as a standard business card. In addition, matte cellophane is used in those with this feature.

You can review our business card samples from the templates below. For more business card templates, you can visit our instagram page. You can also find information about business card printing details and business card prices at the bottom of the page.

  • Business cards with extraordinary and high quality designs make a more effective impression by standing out from the others. Standard business cards that you can order as matte or glossy with their vivid colors, and embossed business cards that can highlight your brand can be great options.
  • The size of the business cards should be such that they can easily fit in the wallet. Since very large business cards are difficult to store, you should prefer standard sizes for your business card designs.
  • You can draw attention to your company with embossed lacquer applied business cards. You can highlight your logo with embossments. Although business card prices may change in parallel with these applications, the return of this small investment in your personal brand will be great.
  • The address on the business card should direct people. It would be advantageous to write the communication channel that you use the most at the beginning.